Autism Charities

Earlier today, my motherinlaw received a phone call from Autistic Children of America and they sounded great, but she wanted to check and see, just in case. I’m glad she did. Earlier this year, in the spring, another friend received a mailed fundraiser from the same nonprofit working under a different name. This particular group, according the the Secretary of State for Washington State’s website only used 36% of the funds they raised for any autism program in 2009. While that is a lot better than nothing, they raised a little over a million dollars that year. To put this in contrast, the Autism Society of America had 76% of the funds they raised go to programs in 2009, Autism Speaks had 75% of the funds they raised go to programs in 2009, and those are just the two largest examples I could find on the BBB website.

The autism community is always grateful when people want to donate money to research or programs, but we are even more grateful when those people wishing to donate money do their research on where those donated dollars go and where they can be of the most use. So, if you too get that phone call or that mailing, think about where you would like to see your donated money go, where it would be the most effective.  Please, do donate, if not locally than to a group whose proceeds are shown to be going to where they are most needed, but please check any charity out before you give them money.


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