Book Review – Point to Happy

Point to Happy by Miriam Smith and Afton Fraser, published by Workman Publishing. $19.95 US

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review this book. It’s got wonderful, bright, expressive pictures and places for you to insert your own pictures and personalize it just for your child.

It’s similar to using PECs to learn labeling only, the pictures are bigger, brighter, and, as they are actual photographs, more engaging.

While my own son is a bit beyond this book, he enjoyed it anyway. He wanted very much to run away with the large, hand-shaped pointer. He’s read it to me, following the simple directions every step of the way.

Point to Happy is easy to understand for the kids and engaging enough to keep their attention for a time. I’m thrilled to see any book marketed directly for use with kids on the spectrum and hope there will be more like it, perhaps for children who are reading.

For younger children (2-4) and children who are struggling with facial and body language, or with labeling, this could be an excellent tool at home and at school.

I give the book a 5 of 5 rating for preschool aged kids.


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