Wrightslaw Conference

The past few days, another mother from our group and I attended the Wrightslaw Conference on Special Education and Advocacy. It was hugely informative and very well put together. It’s something I would encourage all parents dealing with IEPs to attend. We learned so much. From better understanding our children’s rights to better understanding their evaluation scores and how to monitor those scores for progress and regression, the two days was more than worth our time. Mr. Wright was a very good speaker, which made it even better.

During our next few OVAN meetings (which I’ll be posting more about soon), we’re going to try and pass along some of the information we’ve learned. It isn’t just relative to parents of children with autism, but any parent dealing with an IEP. Knowing the procedures, how to read the information we are given at those IEPs and evaluations, what our children’s rights actually are, and how to deal with the roadblocks we might face makes us better advocates for our kids.

If the Wrightslaw conference comes to your area, try to find a way to attend. It’s well worth it.


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