PBS Autism Now pt 1

I watched the PBS Newshour Autism Now series (pt one) this evening. I’m very glad the discussion is being had in such a public forum.  I watched the program with my older son and I’m very glad I did. During the portion of the program where they focus on the older sister of the boy with autism, where she expressed her fears, concerns, and the like, it gave me the perfect opening to discuss the same with my older son. Programs like this series are excellent starting points for discussion with everyone – in your family, in your community. I’m interested to see what else comes with this series – what other talking points and discussions it will generate. They are going to touch on a lot of points that are probably touchy for some and that too is a good thing. We must talk about those things about which there is still disagreement. Progress can only be made through intelligent and logical discussions and evaluations of the research, the therapies, the current views, and the anecdotal evidence. I hope this leads to a great many discussions over the next week and beyond – anything that leads to the expansion of the conversation is a good thing.


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