Amazed Mama

Some days, Logan’s ability to pick up things just by watching me do them amazes me. Most especially when I didn’t realize just how closely he was watching. For this past christmas, I received a NookColor (which I love) and it came with two ‘Read-To-Me’ children’s books already loaded. In the evenings, Logan and I have been reading one of them before bed, just for the last week or so. Today, there is ice on the roads and the kids are home from school. I was on the phone with my grandmother and suddenly I hear the title page for one of those books. Logan had gotten the Nook from my desk, turned it on, closed the book I was reading, found his book, opened it, and pressed ‘Read-To-Me’.

I haven’t been looking as diligently as I should have been for a grant that we might qualify for to get him a little tablet computer, but I will be now. There are a lot of great apps out there for kids on the spectrum that I think he would both have fun with and benefit from.

I didn’t realize how closely he’d been watching, how observant he was when it came to the nook. I know he’s got my cell phone figured out but I have a simple non-smart phone. I know he’s got the Ipod figured out (except for how to unlock it because I have gone out of my way NOT to let him see how I engage that function). It never ceases to amaze me though, the things he learns just by watching and doing.


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