Sensory Diet Game

Sometimes, when your child is all wound up with too much of that boundless energy running rampant, if you can channel it, focus that energy into something productive, the child might settle down enough for a nap or to go to bed on time.


pictures of sensory activities: Super Duper Publications does make a series of Sensory Diet Cards or you can make your own. Suggestions: Steamroller (using a large excersize ball and rolling it over the child), Superman (rolling on the excersise ball with arms extended on the belly), Reverse Superman (same as the superman only on the child’s back), Bounce (bouncing on the ball to a certain number), Jump (jumping on a trampoline), Pull (using therapy putty to pull and squeeze), Foam Squeeze (using soap foam or shaving cream or aerosol whipped cream), and any other sensory activities your child enjoys with an emphasis on physical activities.

supplies associated with the pictures – like an excersize ball, a trampoline, therapy putty, foam, etc.

How to:

There are countless ways to play this game, but the important part is making sure the child understands the rules prior to playing. I’m going to give you three of the examples I use with my own child.

1. Sensory ‘Go Fish’ – this requires two pictures of each activity, played exactly like go fish except when the match is made, the child gets to do what the pictures portray. (I let him do my matched activities too)

2. Conversational Sensory Diet: With a stack of pictures, I pull one off the top and say a few words about it, describing the picture, what is going on, why it might be going on and prompt him to do the same with the next card. After we discuss the picture to my satisfaction, he gets to do whatever the picture shows and we move on to the next card. I do this to try and promote spontaneous interaction and observation.

3. Sensory Diet Rewards: While doing our other work, reading, writing, matching, or whatever we are working on, each time he does what I’m asking him to do, he gets a card. We do this until he has several cards which he can then place in the order he wants to do them and we follow his visual schedule and do the sensory activities.

Those are just examples of some of the ways you can use sensory diet cards, there are many many other ways. You may have to play around with it to find what works best for you and your child/children. Many of the games we play at our house I can get the whole family involved in and we all enjoy it.


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