Vaccines and Allergy Concerns

Given the current, ongoing, and likely future debate on vaccinations, it is important that research continue to be done, not specifically to assuage concerns about one issue, as seems to be the majority for the last ten years, but to look at all of the other factors, the other issues, concerns, and side effects that have been noted during that time. We must continue the debate without getting fanatical or angry with those on opposite sides. Like with any issue – when emotions overpower reasonable discussion, nothing can be learned and there are fanatics on both sides of the issue.

There are very reasonable concerns with vaccinations and the current suggested schedule for them. One of those concerns is allergic reactions to some of the ingredients used to make the vaccines.

There are some ingredients in vaccines that you should be wary of if you have children with allergies or sensitivities. Discuss it with your pediatrician and listen to what is being said with an open mind. The research is out there if you look for it. Please remember that an allergic reaction is not the same thing as a side effect, the common side effects to most vaccines are fever, redness, and swelling.

If your child is allergic to egg, antibiotics (with the exception of Penicillin which is not used in vaccinations), mercury (though much less so now than it was ten years ago as thimerosal is no longer used in the majority of childhood vaccines), gelatin, and the diphtheria-tetanus vaccine (used as a base in some other vaccinations).

If your child has an allergy to any of the above ingredients, or you suspect an allergy to them, there are vaccines you need to discuss with your health care provider. There are special allergy tests that can be done with the vaccine to ensure no adverse reactions. Most children with allergies can be safely vaccinated, but there are those who cannot be due to the risk of reaction.


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