Therapy At Home – Activities for Kids on the Spectrum

For any child, but perhaps especially for children on the spectrum, the more you work with them, the more progress they make. Between school and whatever therapy regimen your child is on, a lot of ground gets covered in any particular week, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working with them at home too. This new category of posts will include easy, cost-effective activities you can do at home with your child, some in as little as five to ten minutes. Keep their brains engaged and you might be surprised how quickly the foundations they are building become the stairs they need to progress.

When I have a good activity that will translate well to this blog format, I’ll be posting them all under the Therapy at Home category. Hopefully, this category will keep growing and become a useful tool for those of us working with our kids at home.

Description and Identification Game

Supplies needed:

several pictures cut from magazines, a die, and small rewards to keep them engaged and encourage responses.

Set the ground rules before you begin to play, decide what you are looking for from your child. Are you working on pronoun identification? Then ask questions like, “Who is wearing a purple shirt?” prompting for “She is wearing a purple shirt.” Your questions will, of course, vary as per the actual picture you are using. If you are working with categorization or numbers, have your child roll the die and ask them to find one cup or six flowers or four vegetables depending on the number rolled. You can use this game in pretty much any way you wish.

When doing therapy at home it is important to know your child’s limitations. Quit the game before it becomes a meltdown, before the child gets too frustrated, that way they will be more willing to play it again another day.


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