Product Review – Chipper Chat

When we started taking Logan to speech therapy, one of the things we wanted to do was observe what our therapist was doing and continue it at home as well, especially since we only take him to speech once a week. One of the things he responded very well to was something called ‘Chipper Chat’ from Super Duper Publications.

This Christmas, my grandmother bought him the “Wh” Chipper Chat. The kit includes a manual, bonus activity sheets, a ‘magic’ wand (a magnetic wand), magnetic chips, 50 game boards, a large die, all in a sturdy plastic tote.

The manual makes it very easy to give the questions, though you don’t have to use it. Logan loves picking up the chips with the wand and will sit and go through 15-20 questions just so he can use the wand and pick up the chips. Initially, in therapy, he started at four or five questions before he got to use the wand. It didn’t take long before he was willing to do a lot more for that simple reward.

You aren’t restricted to using the manual. You can use the boards, chips, and wands for just about anything. You can use them to play identification games, association games, or any kind of BINGO.

Using the pictures on the game cards, you ask your child questions, prompting when necessary for the answer form. For instance, one of the cards is a grocery store scene and there is a woman in a wheelchair. I would ask Logan, “Who is sitting in the wheel chair?” At first he just points to the woman so I tell him to use his words. It takes him a minute, but he does answer, “She is sitting in the wheelchair.” When I have the answer I’m looking for, said the way I want him to say it, I give him a chip that he can put on the board. If he’s feeling particularly cooperative, I might ask him to tell me more about the woman in the wheelchair. I’m hoping he’ll tell me what color her hair or dress is or that she’s wearing glasses. Any further description. For everything he tells me, in the right form, he gets another chip and, when the board is filled or he’s reached the end of his cooperativeness, I hand him the wand. He waves it over the board and the chips practically leap off the board to the magnetic end of the wand and that always makes him giggle.

There are a lot of excellent products at Super Duper Publications and there is always something great in their clearance section. There are several kinds of Chipper Chat, each designed for a specific purpose, but all of them able to be used for pretty much any area you are wanting to work on. Beyond the “Wh” questions Chipper Chat there are sets for articulation, phonological awareness, social skills, auditory processing, holidays, and grammar as well as extra chips and magnetic wands.

Product: Chipper Chat

Company: Super Duper Publications

Cost: $59.95

Rating: 5 Stars


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