The Hope For Recovery

Autism is a complex disorder. So many things about the environmental, sensory, diet, nutritional, immune issues affect our kids with ASD. It’s enough to make your head spin. I feel like I need a PhD to care for my kids.

My greatest wish is that one day my children will be able to care for themselves independently. This is something that requires a lot of work and access to services. Independence, high school graduation, college and maybe one day marriage are things all parents dream of for their children. I am no different.

Our kids can reach those goals if we connect the pieces and help them reach their fullest potential. I recently spoke to our specialist about a patient that received treatment for a specific underlying issue. The patient is fully recovered. This means diagnosis is gone. The patient is healed of the underlying issue that brought about the autism symptoms. Being recovered means that no services, special diets, medications or supplements are needed.

To completely change a diagnosis and not need services is a dream come true. Our oldest son, Hunter, has age appropriate language and motor skills now. We never thought we would hear those words. In only 3 years, he has completely changed our outlook for his future. However, he is not recovered. He worked hard with therapy and remains on a special diet and supplements for his allergies and nutritional deficiencies.

My son is my hero. He has overcome so many obstacles in a few short years. People take so much for granted that we celebrate. A perfect pencil grasp is a major accomplishment. A conversation is worth its weight in gold.

My son is not recovered, but he is exceptional. He showed me that nothing is impossible. With no early intervention services, he worked against the odds and attends a typical kindergarten class and is very much-loved by his peers. I dream of the day when he is healthy and recovered. No special diets or medicines or supplements to take would be a gift. Just to wake up and let him eat whatever and know it would not make him sick. To be able to give him a treat without checking a label for potentially harmful food. I think I would have a party if the special diet and supplements were eliminated.

Social skills are still a challenge, but the strengths he shows us on a daily basis gives us hope for him to lead an independent life and learn the skills to have a job and care for himself in an assisted living home. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and learning about what therapies and homeopathy will help our children become healthy, functional adults. The hope for recovery is what makes me fight harder and work for better things in our future with autism spectrum disorders.


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