A New Year

Today brings new hope for a better year. There are many things that I hope will happen in the year to come. First, I hope to help the autism community better their loved one’s lives by navigating the system and finding what helps them as a family. Second, I would like to get the Project Lifesaver Program started. Third, I want to continue to improve and expand our own children’s social skills. Last, I would like to work on my blogging, writing and Gold Canyon candle business.

It will begin a new chapter in our youngest son’s life. He will be transitioning to Pre-school. It is a major step for him. I plan to prepare him as much as possible with pictures, social stories and visits. He has grown so much in just 18 months.

I look at my children and see their strengths and weaknesses. As much as we teach them about life, we have much to learn from them. Many people in the public are unaware of how they are unique and special traits that would be an asset if placed in a job that promotes their strengths and unique skills.

Planning on a much more successful Autism Awareness project for the local hospital health-fair. More education towards public awareness is a necessity. With the growing rates of autism, we must educate those that will soon be forced to see what autism is in adults as our loved ones with ASD grow up. Knowledge about people on the spectrum, the strengths and challenges they face should be stressed in community education. This will maybe lead to better acceptance and transitions into adulthood for our children on the spectrum.


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