Introduction of church

With all the typical things in life that confuse our children on the spectrum, the idea of church, spirituality and religion has always been on bottom of our list of things to do. It’s important to us as a family, but we haven’t introduced church to either of our children.

Now that Hunter is older and had expanded his expressive speech, we are thinking about taking him to church. Recently, a church has announced a nondenominational service that will be geared for children on the autism spectrum.

This is a blessing to us. Our son knows that there is a heaven and that when people die they go there to be with God. We are unsure of his actual level of understanding of the abstract nature of God and heaven.

We were very pleased to hear of the services being started for the children on the spectrum. Social stories, pictures and trained staff to help aid in the transitions and explanations will make it a special experience in a controlled setting.

I am eager to see how he responds and what the program has to offer in the future for our children. The service seems to be well planned out. We spoke to Hunter about church yesterday to see what he thought about the idea.

Surprisingly, his response when asked if he would like to go to church and learn, was “I don’t know what to do”. Followed by “I would like to learn. Can you teach me?” I was very pleased with his thinking and appropriate answer to the question.

We are delighted to be able to have him attend and learn something about God and spirituality. It makes me happy to know that he can choose to attend and ask how to learn about church. I will update on the program and how well it goes with his first experience in church.


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