A small haircut is a big victory

For years I have been trying to convince our son Hunter that a haircut is nothing but a small change in his appearance. He has had a fear of this usually simple grooming process his entire life.

I still remember the ear-piercing screams of that first attempt of a haircut at age 2. Of course back then we knew nothing about his autism and sensory issues. We had no idea of how painful those little hairs were to him on his skin.

Since that first attempt, I have managed to bribe him with shaving cream to let me cut his hair in the bath. It has worked, somewhat. There have been many a cut that were far from perfection. But with a child with sensory issues, I will take what I can get.

Recently, I attempted a haircut with our youngest child and was overjoyed to see that with much bribery with candy, he actually got a very nice haircut. He looked like such a little man with his new big boy cut. I couldn’t have been happier.

I used jealousy to make him want to get a haircut.  Much to my surprise this actually worked!  He was indeed jealous that I did something with T that I did not let him do.

So, off to the barber we went. Of course, he tried to change his mind and was yelling about not wanting the haircut the whole way, but I ignored the protests and went anyway.

It was a scary event for him but once he saw that others in the shop were not harmed and actually enjoyed getting a haircut, he was no longer afraid. He was very proud of himself for being brave and getting a nice haircut. He even said he would do it again. It may seem like such a small thing but to a child with so many sensory issues it was a triumphant day for our family.


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