This Too Shall Pass

I feel like I’m on something of an old fashioned expedition, complete with Captain’s Log. Day Three: Still no sign of the legendary Penny. It elludes me at every turn. Will continue my search.

Logan swallowed a penny. My initial response was to panic a little bit and I think that’s the right of every vigilant parent to do so, for the first five seconds. After that, panic shouldn’t be part of the equation. Once I was certain his airway was clear, and after I called my mother-in-law who happens to be a nurse (going on twenty five years or better now), I bundled him up and sent him on to school with a note asking his teachers to keep an eye on him, just in case he exhibited signs of distress. My boy isn’t the first to swallow a coin and he won’t be the last.

After putting a call in to the pediatrician (just in case), I hit up Google for any relevant information I could find. Of course, the first site I come upon tells me there are two things you should always take the child to the emergency room for – batteries and coins. Batteries I can understand – the acids in batteries can be lethal. But coins? Back to Google and I discover that most of the advice is more along the lines of don’t panic – it will eventually travel harmlessly through the child’s system, just keep vigilant watch and note if the child begins to show signs of distress as that can be a sign of complications.

I called my grandparents and my grandmother explained to my grandfather between giggles what our little bugger had done this time. His response summed it all up for me, and made me smile too. This too shall pass, he said.

It’s good advice for most situations. When you’re looking at a day that refuses to go right, you have to remember that tomorrow comes soon enough. If no one is seriously injured, frighteningly ill, or in the kind of trouble that tends to bring jail time, you have to remind yourself that everything will be all right, or if not to your definition of ‘all right’, then at least less terrible. It might take more time than you’d like. It might mean more work for you. It might even mean sitting through mindnumbing, ear splitting meltdowns. In the end, it will pass.


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