Ohio Valley Autism Network Hosts Guest Speaker Dr. Jim Ball

On September 16th, we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jim Ball, behavior analyst and author of Early Intervention and Autism: Real-Life Questions, Real-Life answers, at Weirton Medical Center. Having heard him speak in 2008, I was eager to find a way to contact him and have him help our families in the area. It was a small meeting of families, teachers and aids that were able to attend. Dr. Ball was very down to earth and approachable. 

Rather than giving a lecture about behavior, he chose to have a question and answer session, which is what a lot of parents really need.  We were very happy to learn that he is going into our school systems and helping create the most postive learning curriculum based on the individual child’s strengths.  I was very impressed with his passion and love for our kids. He knew most of our children on a first name basis and had worked with some of them in a one on one setting.

I was personally glad to hear that he focuses not only on the child, but the whole family in general. He stressed the importance of making a plan that helps the family unit strive for success. He also touched base on the day to day strain that is constantly put on families/marriages that have children on the spectrum.  I feel that a lot of the community just can’t see the big picture when they do not live and breath autism 24/7. He referred to having a child on the spectrum as having a toddler all the time and that definatley hit the nail on the head.

It was a very uplifting meeting. I am so proud to say that Dr. Ball is working in our community to help design programs in our school system to better serve and promote growth of our loved ones on the spectrum. He is in love with our children and wants the best for them! That eases my stress levels as a parent. I am looking forward to meeting him for future OVAN meetings and seeing what he does in the future with the education of our children. Thank you Dr. Jim Ball for sharing your time and helping make a better learning environment for our children.


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