Car Wash

The car wash fundraiser we did today went very well. Thank you to all who came out! We raised over $500, which means we have enough to get the Boardmaker program!

Thank you to Walmart, Cain’s Barbershop, and Palmer Home Improvements for providing the location and the supplies!

Thanks to Girl Scout Troop #4912 for coming out to help wash the cars!

Also a thank you to: Patty Webster, Betty Bickerstaff, Charles and Joyce Nurmi, Larry Wagner, Anita Spadafora, Lori Hurd, Stephanie Riter, Mike Zias, Christine Fair, Diane Showalter, Ben and Shelby Wagner, Cara O’Karma, Mel Kuhns, Terryn Risk, Danielle Karns, Jan Miller, Laura Guida, Lianna Wade, Barb Zias, John Lawson, Karen Griffith, Lynn Robinson, Edie Long, Suzie Mitchell, Jessica Conn, Kathy Higgenbothem, Jody Kuhn, Terri Fabian, Martha Easton, Ben Zabaja, Kurt Siminkas, Grandma Pete, Lisa Maloney, Melissa Maher, Cathy DeCapio, and Ms. Wszelbrowski who all came out to get their cars washed or donated money.


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