Health Fair

Earlier this morning, Heather and I manned a booth at a health fair for the Ohio Valley Autism Network. It was an interesting experience and I’m glad we went. I was surprised not only by how many people were there, but by how many people stopped by our table to tell us their grandchild, neighbor, cousin, nephew etc has autism. We also had a few teachers stop by who had experience with children with autism. Certainly many people passed us by, our information didn’t mean anything to them, had no impact on their own lives. Which is a shame as it is those people we most need to inform. Next year we’ll be better prepared I think. We were able to explain what we knew to some who stopped to listen, able to point some others in the direction of diagnosis centers or other local assistance. Overall – I think it qualified as a great success. This was the first of many events like this for us and each one will get easier for us, trying to convey what we know in as understandable a way as possible. One small step for OVAN. Each step allows us to educate the public and offer support to those who maybe don’t know where to look.

Heather manning the OVAN booth


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