Pervasive Developmental disorder

When my son, Hunter, was diagnosed PDD/NOS, I pretty much knew that those words were a curse. By that, I mean, in regards to Title 19 waiver services standards. From what I have learned over the past few years is that PDD/NOS, is that that diagnosis is pretty much equal to Physician Didn’t Decide, which in essence, gets my higher functioning son no waiver services.

I am wondering if the words “high functioning autism” should ever have been invented. They are a curse in my house. Autism is autism. It is a disability, no matter what level or type you have. All children on the spectrum deserve a proper education and in home program to help them grow and flourish to their best abilites. However, until they change the DSMV to include the higher functioning PDD/NOS, Aspergers, and any other autism like traits, these children will continue to be denied the services that they need to become the best they deserve to be as adults.

I am frustrated with the whole broken system we have here in West Virginia, as well as other places in the United States. Who makes these obsurd rules of who needs and doesn’t need services? I would love to have them spend a day with my Hunter and learn that he is often unable to dress or remember to eat without a picture schedule. To me, that is just an example of how his level of functioning is that of any other child with an autism diagnosis. I am dumbfounded at the idea of being “a little bit autistic” vs the autism diagnosis on paper. To me that is like saying you have a little bit of a heart attack to a patient. A litte heart disease or a little cancer, surely doesn’t negate the need for treatment in the appropriate manner. I feel than all autistic children are created equal in terms of levels of service and care they so desperately deserve.


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