The Importance of Keeping an Open Mind

For everything that works for my son, there will be seven things that don’t. What works for my son might not work for Heather’s kids, or your kids. That doesn’t mean that those treatments or therapies don’t have value. When we begin to judge other parents’ methods, we begin to isolate ourselves from each other.

The Feingold diet didn’t work for my son, but it has helped other families. Weighted blankets might not work for every child. Trampolines may not help every kid, but they sure do help mine. I try to avoid medications on the whole, but I know families who would be lost without them.

Being judgmental about how one family travels this path does no good. Open communication is essential to learning more about autism, learning how each child presents and what therapy strategies will work best for them. When we close ourselves off, we can learn nothing. If we learn nothing, we might very well miss out on the therapy that will help our kids. Keep an open mind, research your options, discuss your options with your therapists, pediatricians, support groups.


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