Autism & Dads

In my searching, I have found a wealth of information about autism. And most of it is geared to or written by mothers. Dads have just as big a roll in the process as anyone else and yet, sometimes it feels as if they are considered secondary. They shouldn’t be. I know my husband is as involved in our son’s therapy as he can be. He misses one set of session a month and then only because of his work schedule.

I read a very good article in Good Housekeeping (I think it was April 2010) about Rodney Peete and his family’s journey with autism. One of these days, I’d like to pick up his book, Not My Boy, for my husband. Actually, I have a few books I’d like to pick up.

Yesterday, during my research, I came across another, somewhat older article from by Emerson Donnell.

After reading the Donnell article, I went out specifically in search of resources designed with fathers in mind and I’m going to keep searching. I’m going to be putting them on the site as well. Hopefully someone finds this useful .

Dads & Autism

Stuart Duncan

Ernie Els


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