Bob Evans Fundraiser! April 14th – April 20th

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Please remember, you have to print out and take the flyer with you. Please pass this along!




2012 Car Wash

Our third annual car wash has now come and gone. Thanks to everyone who made it a success. We made $432 this year – only a few cars shy of last year’s total – and that is awesome!

Thanks to our donors: Cain’s Barbershop and Full Service Salon, Anna Cain, Peggy Barnett, Jon Burville, Ben and Shelby Wagner, Nancy Oughton, Larry and Leslie Wagner, Bernice Balog, Brian Martin, Rene Pearson, Doug and Dianne Jena, Betty Byers, Mary Little, Justin and Katie Cain, Jill Dawgliello, Joe and Kathy McBride, Mike Veltri, Joshua Beaver, and several anonymous donors.

And a very big, huge thank you to our volunteers who came out on a Saturday to help us wash cars. We appreciate it! Let’s do it again next year!

Spaghetti Dinner

Last night, our group hosted a fundraiser for Hancock County Project Lifesaver. For those who don’t know what Project Lifesaver is, it is a program that uses special wristbands to help track people with disabilities who are prone to wandering. Please, check out their website and look into it. For moms like me, with a little one who has suddenly decided to be Houdini, it’s a little bit of peace of mind.

We hosted a Spaghetti Dinner at The Victorian Hall on Pennsylvania Avenue in Weirton. We also had a Chinese Auction with some really awesome prizes from some really great sponsors.

The night went by quickly, we didn’t get much down time, but the night was an absolute success. At the end of the night, we raised just over $2100 for Project Lifesaver.

Our Sponsors:

The Victorian Hall, Ben & Shelby Wagner, Buchannon Excavating, Cain’s Barbershop and full service salon, Ceramics by Patti and Barb, Chico Fiesta, Country Blessings, Dane Watkin, DeeJays, Fairfield Inn, Famous Hair, First Choice America, Gus’s Goodies, Holiday Inn, Holiday Lanes, Jenn Marchese, Joanne Jones, Kimball’s Barbershop, Lianna Wade, Little Critters, Maureen Exler-Singer, Mario’s, Newbrough Photo, One Step Up Dance, Palmer Home improvements, Pet Agree Grooming, Roses’s cookie Nook, Shannon Rhoades, Sparkle, Tem Klepack, Tender Touch, The Irish Pub, Thera-Jewel, RE Saxon Jewelers, Valley View Superette, Weirton Walmart , S&S Perfomance Pre-owned Auto, Laura Emmerich, Ohio Valley Autism Network, RM Catering, The Marchese Family, Lesley and Larry Wagner, Paul and Nora Voight, Rachel and Raymond Rodriguez, American Legion post 121, Melisa Stenson, Jim Perkins, and several people who wished to remain anonymous.

At the end of the night, we did have a good bit leftover. But it did not go to waste. The food that was already prepared was picked up by a group that feeds at-risk youth in Steubenville, Ohio and the food that was not yet prepared is being delivered today to an organization that provides nightly dinners here in Weirton.

So, we were not only able to help Hancock County Project Lifesaver but also two other groups and all because of the people who showed up or donated or just passed the word along. We couldn’t have done any of it without all of you.  So, from the bottom of my full heart, I thank you.

2011 Car Wash!

Today, Cain’s Barbershop on Pennsylvania Ave in Weirton was kind enough to offer us the use of their parking lot and their water for the second year in a row so we could have our car wash fundraiser.

Busy at our car wash!


It was a smashing success and I will be posting a list of our donors for this year on our website in the morning. We washed 40 cars and were able to raise a grand total of $545, which is $10 more than we raised at last year’s car wash. We want to thank everyone who came out and helped to wash or brought their cars to be washed – we couldn’t do any of this without you.


International Obsessive Compulsive Foundation conference

Recently I was contacted by Denise Greud Grubbs, a facilitator of the PANDAS/PITAND support group in Williamsburg, Virginia. She will be attending the International OCD Foundation conference in California in hopes of raising awareness about Pediatric Autoimmune illness Associated with Streptocci(PANDAS DISORDER).

I belong to the PANDAS/PITAND online support group and have learned a tremendous amount about the disorder from her, personally, as well as from the website Since our oldest son had a major regression in Octobor of 2009, I have researched about PANDAS DISORDER. Both of our son’s have a diagnosis of PANDAS DISORDER. It is a very difficult road. I have lived with PANDAS for almost 3 years and it is crippling our children with regression and debilitating their immune systems.

When I first suspected the disorder in my oldest son, there was very little information on the subject. Now, Dr. Caroline Cunningham’s research has been in the news often. The once rare disorder is affecting many more children across the United States as well as internationally. We have a growing number of cases in the eastern United States. Research needs to continue and funds need to be raised.

She will be presenting at the conference and asked me to send photo’s of my boys for sharing our stories and connecting a person to the story. I am eager to help raise awareness to this often crippling disorder. I have many pictures of the boys sick and forlorn. If my children’s suffering can help improve the quality of care and research for future children, I am more than happy to share our story. I hope that people will begin to understand more about the disorder and be more empathetic when seeing a child meltdown and rage.

A child with PANDAS DISORDER will often present like a child on the autism spectrum. It is equally important to educate on both of these disorders as the numbers of both continue to grow. I look forward to hearing how the IOCDF conference goes and new developments in PANDAS research. I will continue to update on research and education on PANDAS DISORDER.

Local Event!

The Ohio Valley Christians United in Christ is having an event at the Oglebay good zoo for anyone with a disability on Sunday July 10th 12pm-10pm. Meet them at Camp Russell near the goid zoo. The invitation is open to anyone of any age with a disability and their family and/or caregivers. Everything is free. Outdoor pool, pedal boats, mini golf, good zoo, tennis, mansion museum, glass museum, park trolly, fishing. Food, yard games, camp fire. Contact Millie if interested in attending: 304-797-1961. MilliegerboATcomcastDOTnet

Autism Charities

Earlier today, my motherinlaw received a phone call from Autistic Children of America and they sounded great, but she wanted to check and see, just in case. I’m glad she did. Earlier this year, in the spring, another friend received a mailed fundraiser from the same nonprofit working under a different name. This particular group, according the the Secretary of State for Washington State’s website only used 36% of the funds they raised for any autism program in 2009. While that is a lot better than nothing, they raised a little over a million dollars that year. To put this in contrast, the Autism Society of America had 76% of the funds they raised go to programs in 2009, Autism Speaks had 75% of the funds they raised go to programs in 2009, and those are just the two largest examples I could find on the BBB website.

The autism community is always grateful when people want to donate money to research or programs, but we are even more grateful when those people wishing to donate money do their research on where those donated dollars go and where they can be of the most use. So, if you too get that phone call or that mailing, think about where you would like to see your donated money go, where it would be the most effective.  Please, do donate, if not locally than to a group whose proceeds are shown to be going to where they are most needed, but please check any charity out before you give them money.

Health Fair and News

We had a very good day at the Weirton Medical Center Health fair on Wednesday! We met a lot of people and gave out awareness pins. We hope to be doing more things like this as they come up.

Last night’s meeting went very well. We elected and installed officers: President will be Sarah Wagner, Vice President will be Heather Stafford, and Secretary/Treasurer will be Laura Emmerich.  We discussed how to read our kids’ evaluations, what the numbers mean, what those subtests actually measure, and crisis management, how to keep the parent/school relationship in tact even when you are at odds. Thank you to everyone who was able to come and we hope to see more of you at our next meeting in June on the 16th at 6PM.

It was a very good, busy week for us.

May Meeting

We are meeting this Thursday, May 19th at 6pm in the Starvaggi Board Room at Weirton Medical Center. We’ll be discussing a lot of great things we learned at the recent Wrightslaw Conference. We hope to see you there!

Autism Documentary to be shown in Huntington

I know it’s short notice, but we only found out about this today. Tomorrow, May 12th, at the Marquee in Huntington, WV, the documentary “Wretches and Jabberers” will be shown at 7:30 PM.

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